Jain College of Engineering Belgaum. (Dept. of MBA) A Live Project on “Performance Management and Competency Mapping” At Manickbag Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. Belgaum. Submitted To:Submitted By: Prof. Deepti Shetty Dr. Pooja. Kamate Preeti. Kulkarni Sukhada. Kudaturkar ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We sincerely express our deep felt gratitude to all the people who have helped us during the completion of our project work. First we would like to thank Dr. Shirish Shah, Managing Director and Mr. Cherag Bhadha, HR Manager of Manickbag Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.

Belgaum for their excellent and valuable guidance in completing this project work and also giving valuable suggestions. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Prof. Deepti Shetty for her constant support and encouragement in carrying out this entire project. Place: Belgaum Date: 9th November 2012 Table of Contents Sl. No. ParticularsPage No. 1Executive Summary 2Company Profile 2. 1 Vision and Mission of the Company 2. 2 Overview of the Company 2. 3 Organization Structure of Manickbag Automobile Pvt. Ltd. 2. 4 Functions of different departments 3 Performance Management at Manickbag Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. . 1 Approach to Human Resource Management and Performance Management 3. 2 Performance appraisal at Manickbag 3. 3 Basic contents of the appraisal form 3. 4 Post performance appraisal 4Competency Mapping at Manickbag 4. 1 Competency Mapping approaches 4. 2 Competencies required in different departments 4. 3 Tools used for data collection 4. 3 Competency Model 5Activity on etiquettes conducted for the employees 6Findings 7 Suggestions 8Conclusion 9Annexure Executive Summary The present project work has been done in respect of Performance Management and Competency Mapping at Manickbag Automobiles Pvt.

Ltd. The study has the objective of understanding the practical aspects of the business world, to understand correlation between theory and practice of the performance management and competency concepts in the business world. The positive result of these changes is that HR professionals have the opportunity to play a more strategic role in the business. The challenge for HR managers is to keep up to date information about the latest performance appraisal methods and developing competency models for the respective jobs.

In this study we discuss about the performance appraisal system and competency models followed and implemented in Manickbag Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. , how HR managers can anticipate and address the challenging present single job as well as future expected jobs and how effectively they motivate and manage the work force in the organization. Vision Statement: Best in the manner of products we deliver and a long lasting relationship with customers. Mission Statement: Our mission is to offer our customers the finest services and support. Through our delivery and marketing competencies, we provide creative, customized solutions for our customers.

As a result, we achieve superior profit growth company of choice. Goal Statement: We want to be the best of the best dealers in India as we continuously strive to meet the needs of the customers by offering a unique package of locations, price, service, and delivery. Overview of the Company Manickbag Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. Belgaum is the authorized dealer of Telco, now Tata motors vehicles and spare parts. It is situated on Khanapur Road, Udyambag, Belgaum. It has its 3 branches operating outside Belgaum at Ankola, Hubli and Bijapur. Manickbag concern is the partnership from between the two families SHAHA and MIRJI. Shi Dharmappa B.

Mirji & Shrimanickchand M Shaha are the main founders of the company. This concern has got a vast experience of 53 year in the automobile industry and is “biggest Telco Dealer” in north Karnataka region. The core business of the company is Sales of TATA motors, Services/Repairs and sale of spare parts. This concern has also got dealership of many companies like, TVS SUZUKI, ARAL ENGINE OIL, MICO/BOSH POWER TOOLS, KIRLOSKAR ENGINE BEARINGS, and HINUSTAN PETROLEUM, BLAUPUNKT, SESA-GOA, PIG IRON AGENCY etc. The Manickbag has grown rapidly and today seven sisters concerns and many branches outside Belgaum are operating.

The sister concerns as follows: * Manickbag Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. * Manickbag Engineers. * Manickbag Services. * Manickbag Oil mills. * Manickbag Industries. * Manickbag Diesels. Biography of the M. D Dr. Shirish Shah, the Managing Director of Manickbag Automobiles Private Limited, born on 7th October 1957, completed his schooling from Divine Providence and St. Pauls and higher education in RLS College Belgaum. He pursued his Medical Degree (MBBS) from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum and completed NSMS in Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai. He moulded his career in KEM and Pune Hospital rendering his service for 8yrs as a Surgeon.

He came back to Belgaum, Karnataka in 1991 and stepped into the World of Business with the TATA Dealership. Initially he looked after Mico, Machine Shop, MARUTI Dealership, TVS and BOSCH power tools. He was a Sub Dealer for Hubli TATA Motors. Later, on 7th April 2006, Dr. Shirish Shah came up with his own Branch of Tata motors in Belgaum. Dr. Shirish Shah strongly believes in the principle, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. He also follows three principles: i) Show casing the positive attributes of his company rather than building upon negativity aspects of the other companies. ii) Expressing the truth. ii) Prompt service. His involvement in various activities in his area of interests like gardening, social activities etc. has made him a dynamic, vibrant and a challenging leader. He was a member of the Rotary Club Belgaum, where he had organized cross country race for ladies, Kite festivals, Tobacco and Cancer awareness programs etc. The Company is blessed to have such an Honorable and Inspirational Managing Director, who has built-up a good rapport with the Management and the employees of the Organization and has taken the Company to the skies. * Organization Structure of Manickbag Automobiles Pvt.

Ltd. Managing Director Finance & Accounting Human Resource Sales Pay Roll Recruitment Service Pre- Sale Post- Sale Salesmanship RTO Insurance PDI Post Sales Spares Body Shop The organization consists of over 125 employees and it has a well framed organization structure. The Authority & Responsibility relationships are clearly defined. The roles and responsibilities for each individual are assigned in a proper manner. Functions of Different Departments 1. Human Resource Department: It is a nodal department for all the concerns & departments. Its area of functions is quite large.

Operations of HR department are centralized in the Manickbag & are headed by a young & energetic HR Manager Mr. Cherag Bhadha. The functions of HR Department Includes: * Recruitment & Selection of employees * Maintaining the attendance * Wage & Salary Administration * Arranging Training programs * Performance appraisal * Employee Welfare etc. 2. Finance Department : This department is concerned with the maintenance of account of the company. The department is controlled by Finance Manger of Manickbag Automobiles Ltd. Belgaum. The Main Functions of Finance department are as follows : Arranging of Funds * Proper allocation of Funds * Compiling with all statutory responsibilities such as Sales Tax, Income Tax etc * Administration responsibility such as monthly P&L A/c, Cash flow and Fund flow statement, Final A/c’s etc * Preparation of Cash Budget * Maintaining and controlling the expenditure * Bank transaction like cheques, depositing and withdrawals, arrangement of DD’s etc. 3. Sales Department: It performs following functions as listed below: * Handling Enquiries * Collection of customer information. * Giving Vehicles demo to Customers * Customer’s follow-up Responsible for sales of the vehicles * Conducting Road shows * Taking-up promotional activities. 4. Spares Department: In Manickbag there is a separate department of spare parts, it sells around 25,000 types of genuine spare parts. Manickbag follows two methods of spare parts sales. * Direct sales: Under this method sale at the department counter sales & retailing of spare parts in & around Belgaum district is taken. * Work-shop sales: Includes sales of spare-parts at the service department. 5. Services Department: Manickbag has a separate service station in its premises services with a good infrastructure.

The Manickbag services are operated on the guidelines of Tata Motors. The functions of this department are as follows: * Acceptance the new cars when they come off the trailer and prepares them for the lot and the showroom. * Cleaning and preparing the cars for delivery. * Installation of add-ons that the customer ordered. * Repair & regular maintenance of cars. * Coordinating with body shop and spares departments. * Facilities available at Manickbag services are : * All repairs are carried out under one roof. * Availability of complete machine shop for engineer building. * All time mobile service facility. Telco trained mechanics. * Same day delivery facilities except major blocks. Performance Management at Manickbag Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. * Approach to Human Resource Management and Performance Management Manickbag, Udyambag-Belgaum, views HRM as a balancing act between the employees & the employer of the organization, aiming at Employee satisfaction, profit to organization & growth of both, the employees & the organization. Manickbag believes in retaining the good employees. It says that the productivity increases when there is a commitment on the part of both, the employees & the employer.

At MAPL employees are treated as an asset of the organization. * Factors comprising performance As Manickbag is a Sales & Service unit, performance of the employees is of the greatest importance. For the purpose of evaluating the performance of the employees it considers the following factors: * Presentation – Appearance, Communication, Etiquettes. * Team player qualities. * Knowledge & capacity to perform better. * Professional approach towards Job & Customers. * Art of explaining, convincing, & answering queries. * Regularity, Punctuality, and * Interests (activities) or skills other than business activities.

Performance appraisal at Manickbag Earlier they used SWOT Charts. Proper Performance Appraisal is being implemented since April-2012. Performance appraisal is carried out Quarterly & review of other related documents such as Letter of Appreciation, Memos etc. is done simultaneously. Performance of the employee is assessed by him / herself (self appraisal), Department Head & Management, i. e. 360 Degree Appraisal is used at all the levels in the organization. When any employee is consistently not performing up to the mark, 3 warnings are given, after which necessary actions are taken.

Basic Contents of the Performance Appraisal Form 1. Personal Characteristics * Self Management * Communication * Interpersonal Skills / Team working * Problem solving / Analytical Skills * Self Empowerment ( Action Orientation ) * Creativity / Flexibility 2. Role Model * Punctuality * Regularity * Behavior 3. Drive ratings * Dedication * Responsibility * Initiative * Vision * Enthusiasm 4. Technical Skills * Computer knowledge * Process Knowledge * No. of trainings completed / Training name * Previous Performance * Present Performance * Future Performance Expected 5. Recommended steps for improvements: Skills / Characteristics – Recommended Actions 6. Team support & Nomination 7. Appraisal History * Date of Appraisal * Last Designation * Last Salary 8. Final decision by the Authority. * Need of the Performance Management and Performance Appraisal at Manickbag * To assess general behavior of an employee. * To Gauge employee’s performance, & to know the areas of improvement. * To fix salary & incentives. * To decide regarding Promotion or Demotion. * To know the EQ & IQ level of the employee. * To know the degree of employee satisfaction, and * To make decisions in situations like Recession.

Post Performance Appraisal Certain results of Performance Appraisal are not directly told to the poor performer. Only the areas of improvement are told in a positive manner to avoid de-motivation of employees. It is also not directly revealed to an excellent performer, in order to keep employee from being over- confident. Factors in Performance Appraisal form are modified as & when required. Performance Consulting Performance consulting at Manickbag is done internally i. e. , the training and coaching to the existing employees and to the fresher’s is given by the TATA’s. Competency Mapping at Manickbag Automobiles Pvt.

Ltd. According to Manickbag, Competency Mapping is a continuous process of studying the progress of the employees. Mapping can be done by competence and competency. * Steps in mapping the competencies Thought process begins when the need for effective performance is identified, which is then followed by identifying the skills & abilities that are required to perform a particular job. The relevant research is done to prioritize the required skills with respect to the individuals who are or will perform those jobs, to ensure that the right person is in right place at right time.

Further a framework is planned and developed which shows the relevance among the job profile, competencies required to perform that job, and the expected performance level. Plan is then put into the action by employees, and their performance is evaluated by the MD and the HR manager. Corrective actions are taken if required. Competency Mapping Approaches The company follows various approaches like: 1. Organizational approach 2. Team approach 3. Human Resource approach, and 4. Individualistic approach 1. Organizational Approach: Required competencies are categorized based on Organizational Hierarchy.

It also nurtures the growth of the new capabilities of the employees and motivates them to learn through performance and practice. 2. Team Approach: The teams are formed in such a way that members in that team possess complimentary skills, abilities and knowledge so that the team performs more effectively. 3. Human Resource Approach: The HR focuses on the cause and effect relationship, where he matches the strategy implemented with the individual competencies projected for a particular job and aligning that with the organizational goal. 4.

Individualistic Approach: In this approach the company follows two types of model. They are: a) The Strategy Development Model- for the sales unit, where they create their own roles which interact to produce the organization’s strategy. b) Intellectual Capital Model- because this model helps them to link among human capital, structural capital, and customer capital. Competencies Required In Different Departments * Sales Department: * Presentation * Communication * Grasping power * Interpersonal skills, and * Good product knowledge. * Customer relationship management: Pleasant personality * Understanding of the process of the company,and * Computer knowledge. * Human resource management: * Experience in payroll * Statutory knowledge * Employee relationship, and * Team building. * Service department: * Non-Technical : * Communication skills * Handling queries, and * Interpersonal skills. * Technical: * Communication * Knowledge about the products, and * Handling customers. Tools Used for Data collection The tools that are been used to collect the data at Manickbag are: * Letter of appreciation (LOA) * Memos * Observation * Critical Incident Method Behavioral Event Interview, and * Job and role analysis when required. And they believe that if there are different competencies in a team then that will be very effective. Mapping of Future Jobs Short term forecasting is done at Manickbag, as and when the situation comes the forecasting of future jobs is done. Competency Model Competency model varies from each and every department and from each and every job profile. Competency model keeps on changing for technical profile one in 3 months and for sales profile once in 6 months. How Is Competency Model Linked To HR Strategy?

As the competency model is developed for various positions the model can easily put to use or customized without much effort. The company very conveniently uses the competency model in the important HR function of Recruitment, Career development, and Performance appraisal. Activity on etiquettes conducted for the employees on 22/09/2012 An activity was conducted by us for the employees of the company on etiquettes to be executed in an automobile service sector. Observations: Before conducting an activity Messed-up chairsReceptionist not in place and thecustomer is waiting Observations: After conducting an activity

Chairs well arranged Receptionist available at the counter Findings * The structure of the organization is well defined and employees are well versed with their jobs and are in line with the objectives of the company. * All the employees are well trained and are given a room for their skills. * Employee’s suggestions are taken into consideration in regards with the improvements of the company. * The well experienced and dynamic Managing Director and the young & energetic HR Manager of the company motivate and create a zeal among the employees to work and perform well. The attrition rate is low because of the employee job satisfaction, recognition given to them and the healthy work culture of the company. * The performance appraisal system is very well being implemented. * The competencies required for a particular job profile are very well identified, matched and reviewed as and when required. * Creativity and innovative ideas of the employees are encouraged. * Critical incident method has also played a major role in reviewing and evaluating the performance of the individual. * The employees are weak in their communication skills. * The professional attire is not being carried well.

Suggestions * Training on product knowledge: Once candidates are employed in the organization, it may be effective if proper session is conducted for them on Product Knowledge. This will help the employees to put forth the product effectively with confidence while dealing with the customers. * Target based performance: The performance of the employees may be enhanced if targets are set based on the Sales Amount rather than those based on number of cars sold. * Post Appraisal Training: Management may give a thought on hiring a trainer to train the employees on etiquettes, communication, and presentation. Dress-code: The Management can think of changing the dress-code for female employees, which would look more professional and enhance their confidence. * Organizing trips: Organizing trips for the employees at least once in a year can rejuvenate and motivate the employees, which may result in better performance and may be helpful in developing a bond of trust and belongingness between the employer and the employees. Conclusion An organization grows along with the growth of the employees, who are the prime assets of any organization.

The employee’s competencies are the key factors which enhance his / her ability and capability to perform well. This performance requires an appreciation by the organization and is very well followed in Manickbag Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. The Performance Management and Competency Mapping hence pave the way to analyze, implement and evaluate the HR strategies in an organization and meet the goals of the organization. Annexure An activity was conducted by us on 22nd September 2012, on Etiquettes which play an important role not only in every one’s day-to-day life, but in any business sector and so is important for Manickbag Automobiles Pvt.

Ltd. , which is a sales and service unit. Good etiquettes in Manickbag help firstly, to have a positive impact on the customers. Secondly, to increase the number of sales. And last but not the least, to build strong & long term relationship with the customers & other stakeholders of the firm. During the project the gap between the required and existing level of etiquettes were identified. This gave us the scope or purpose to conduct a session on Etiquettes. Entire activity was broken down in parts, where in different scenes were created through role plays.

Various scenes were: * Reception Counter: Behavior expected from the receptionist. * Executive and Customer Conversation: Behavior expected from the colleagues in the absence of the executive who dealt with the customers earlier. * Car demo: Behavior and acts expected from the executives while giving the car demonstration. * Counter table: Table etiquettes expected from the employees. * Telephone Etiquettes: Things, the telephone operator should be aware of while attending the calls.

The possible wrong acts and behaviors shown by the employees, and the expected acts and behaviors, were enacted and shown by the team members, so that employees can identify them and improve themselves in related aspects. The session also highlighted the importance of attitude and team work at work place by presenting them with few motivational videos and presentation. Employees were observed after conducting this session and after that we got a feedback from the HR Manager after 15 days that there has been around 15% positive change in the attitude and the behavior of the employees.

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