Rebecca Sharp Mrs. McCarthy AP Literature and Composition 28 November 2012 The Procrastinating Student Slowly but surely the project would get done; she might lose sleep, but never the less it would be done on time and handed in, probably with bags under her eyes considering it was just rolling onto the second hour of the morning. She never has questions about an assignment or when it’s due, she neatly writes down the necessary information in her agenda then is on her way to the next class in her mind saying “I will start that as soon as I get home”.

If you ask her teachers; she is one of the hardest working students in the class and has never once turned in a piece of late work. The girl’s friends, on the other hand, talk of how they do not quite understand how she pulls it off, writing four page papers the class period before they’re due, turning them in on time and getting an “A” for all her “hard work. ” The children are Advanced Placement (AP) students at one of the biggest public schools in the county. When you look at her schedule, six AP courses and one elective, you understand the constant burden she must go through when dealing with homework.

However, the advanced placements students have been slowly turning into advanced procrastinators; as they would call themselves. Ava is in many clubs like the honor society, service clubs, and the schools trial team, she even helps out at animal shelters on the weekends. She knew that getting into the college she wanted was important and to do that she needed to participate in many activities. Knowing that getting into the college that she wanted, Brown, was important she also knew how important keeping one’s grades up is.

Unfortunately with the constant meetings, service projects, and practices she found herself spread a bit thin and always pushing off homework till the last possible minute. Trial practice ended just half an hour ago and now she sits in front of her computer contemplating the idea of her five page essay that is due tomorrow morning. Yet rather than thinking about the words that should be finding their places on the pages, she lays on her back thinking about how much she cannot wait for the weekend. Quickly she snaps back to reality realizing that she needs o type, she pulls up the browser telling herself “Oh, I’ll just be five minutes then I’ll finish my essay and still have plenty of time to study for my history test. ” Facebook is finally closed, and looking at the clock, it’s now 11:30 and she is going to have to stay up for at least another hour to finish her essay and studying. She sighed and got to work typing as fast as she could, one page down by 11:45, second page done at midnight, at this point she was starting to lose track of her thoughts and slowly drift.

With her phone buzzing she wakes up and sees that it’s now one o’clock and she still needs to type three pages, third page finished and its 1:30 and then we are back to the beginning of the story as she sits in her room the only light coming from her constant companion, the laptop, that helps her finish some “oh so impossible” tasks. She falls asleep again and doesn’t wake until 6:30 am. Getting out of bed she slips on her clothes grabs her bag, when she arrives at school her first stop, as it always is, is the library she says hello to her fellow slow starters, or constant workers as they like to say, as she walks to the computer. Ok you have 45 minutes to write two pages of good work” she pulls up her paper and starts to type. Her friends pull up chairs chatting as she types vigorously, fourth page done, now is the final page tying up her essay on procrastination, she laughs at herself and her friends join in when they see the title of the essay. Smiling she keeps typing, one more paragraph left and its 7:30 she has fifteen minutes to pull off a great conclusion. “She was always trying to her best but sometimes as teenagers often do she filled up her schedule too fast, or simply pushed something off thinking that it will take only a short amount of time.

Neither she nor I could tell you why we do it, we can only tell you that we are good at it and even though we end up with sleep deprivation and occasionally fall asleep in class to compensate for that lack, we get the work done. To us, and to many students that is all that matters, keeping our grade up one day at a time. I mean really, why do today what could be put off till tomorrow. ” Ava was able to finish her paper on time and as usual got an “A” for all her “hard work”. Both the common procrastinator and the hard worker stay up late nights and often times they can be interchangeable, they can be one in the same.

Next time you see that student with bags under their eyes as they turn in their assignment, ask them how late they stayed up doing it, but don’t expect the right answer, just smile and know that they are most likely one of us; the AP students. A true high school story is never just about high school. Remember the last paragraph of Ava’s paper and try to understand our reasoning even though I know it makes little sense. As Gloria Pitzer would say “Procrastination is our sin. It brings us naught but sorrow. We know that we should stop it. In fact, we will – tomorrow! “

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