Adults feel less happy compared to kids A really enjoyable time for kids are when they are with their friends playing outside getting exercise rather than sitting down like an adult. Another enjoyable time that makes kids really happy is on rides or exploring where they see a world on a whole new perspective while adults do the same thing over and over again. Everyone must act more a like kid to have more enjoyable time. Kids seem much happier than adults do. Kids are so much more in happier when they are shape even more than adults.

They have fun like they’re spending their last moment on earth. Running on the playground with other kids and socializing more. The more in shape you are the happier you feel when you move which is one of the reasons why kids do enjoy more out of life experience. Kids seem to have infinite amount of energy by simply by running plus the benefit of receiving exercise increases the amount of happiness that they feel. They often play games like Tag where you have to avoid the person who was last to be touched by another kid that was considered to be it.

The amount of joy they receive by moving a lot and socializing is amazing when compared to adults who just sit and talk. These days you see kids playing outside seem to enjoy being outside a lot more than adults do. The less you weigh, the happier you are. With the lifestyle kids create makes them way healthier than adults do. Even the positive effect on self-esteem is getting built from then exercising and sleeping well at night. But mental and emotional health is unstable at their age.

Think back of a time when you were a kid and laughing so much and being amazed at the most simplest things; now you gain and learn so much nothing to seem amazing anymore. The games that kids create always seem to get them more in shape and very much creative. Creativity seems to be kid’s greatest weapon against boredom. While most adults just talk to each other to have a good time, kids seem to just love to be more enjoyable to any situation. Children seem to be more eclectic than adults do even in situation where they seem to be nothing to do they start to imagine a better things to laugh about.

The creative minds of kids and the way they dress seem to be unique from one to another. In a case where creativity help kids is when there in a room with nothing to do they then start find something to play with or find something to do rather than adult who just sit there and worry about how their personal image appear or the amount of maturity other will view them. Kids just want to enjoy life rather than adults who want to get compete to get ahead of life or get things done. Adults may force fun on kids but they tend to enjoy when provided less structure or forced stimulation.

Social relationships with other kids and parents help kids feel a lot happier than normal adults do. Creativity combined with fun will help kids relieve most of the stress that they get from school or other problems of life. Let’s face the fact that when you were younger that you had a lot less stress then now. Children don’t experience the same amount the stress that we adults have. But really kids do have the pressure to fit in with peers and succeeding in school while avoiding bullies. School, Family, and Peer concerns are the main one that kids see in their life.

This compared with the amount of stress adults have to deal with such as work, chores, payments, cooking, and kids. Kids seem to only be concerned with their personal satisfaction and adults with their life which is one reason why most kids are happier. Children seem to be more positively energetic with most situation they come across and depending upon there nurturing they will react differently than a normal adult does. The amount of positive personality from other kids and popularity of another will help build self-esteem of each kid.

While most kids stress is more personal level compared to an adult on a bigger level we all experience stress on a different factor scale. Due to the amount of stress and boredom adults endure it seems to be the right thing to do is to open in up and act more like kids. Adults can get group of adults together and do what they remember what they did as a child like playing tag in the park or just take the time to know your kid a little more. Social interaction between the both of you guys will playing some sort of game will let you to learn much more about what it was like when you were a kid.

Each time you open yourself to act more like a kid you will soon realize that life is easier when you play games and move more. Even if adults can’t find something to do, they can imagine and create something new to do or think about while moving. With each adult it will take a longer time but eventually you can get there. This will also help adults feel a lot young then they use to. Acting more like a child opens so many more doors to being more creative and finding what interest you. This will change your overall perspective of life with seeing it from a child’s point of view compared to a adults point of view.

As you have just read about amount of happiness kids feel and compare it to yours now you will see that growing up is whole lot less fun than staying youthful and energetic. Ways to fix this is to understand more about child and engage in there activity that they are doing to make their life feel more energetic. Much has change as time moves forward when you were kids you see the world as big and open with full of joy but as soon you see the real world ; you relieve that life is just about work and adults just want more money. Now you have seen that kids seem way happier than adults.

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