In every action that an individual does, it is realized that there is a corresponding reason that has served as the influence. More often than not, it is easier for people to do things because they are doing it for someone or for something. As I pursue higher studies in the field of pharmacy, I see a greater sense of influence that has come from my family and the personal experiences I associate with them especially with that of my mother and father whom I consider to serve a greater part of my educational journey.

            First, the inability of my mother to read and write has inspired me to overcome the things that they are not able to do as I am personally able to see how difficult it is to survive life in this world that is mostly based on letters, words, and sentences. She has led me to pursue and persevere in terms of educating myself and has influenced me greatly to seek for greater heights in terms of education.

            Leading me to a more specific field in education is my father who is suffering a common illness, which is diabetes. Being diabetic would mean several medical requirements and restrictions and this has given me a greater need for acquiring specific knowledge and skills for me to assist my father in his condition and for professional growth. This provides me with the chance to shoot two birds with a single stone and lends me to be capable of serving both my family and the other people.

            Lastly, the seven consecutive years of my job has mostly been with the medical profession and I see it as very much related to pharmacy. With the experience I have gained in the workplace, I am able to appreciate more the field of pharmacy and has inspired me to gain further knowledge for the purpose of being able to do more.

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