It is a fact that not very child in this world can receive formal public school. Some children are homeschooled at home by their parents, but sometimes by tutors. This essay will discuss advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling.

The greatest advantage of homeschooling is that having flexible time for both parents and children. This is to say, children can study whenever they want and whenever they have interest in studying. They can learn best in the morning, noon, or evening, so parents also may adjust their children’s schedules suitably with their permitted time. Furthermore, homeschooling are not a full-time job, so it will not affect parents’ working. They are not too busy running between the working and the teaching because homeschooling does not request them work punctually. In a day, they are able to arrange time in a rational way (=reasonably) in order to do two tasks effectively, which are working and teaching. For example, in the morning, all of them go to the field, then take a rest by noon and in the evening is the time for teaching and studying. One other advantage of homeschooling is that it may save time and be suitable for disadvantaged areas. In effect, some people who live in rural areas have difficult conditions and are far from school. They cannot take their kids to school all the time, so homeschooling may be suitable for this situation. If parents homeschool children, they can save time instead of spending to take them to go to school. Finally, thanks to homeschooling, parents can manage and understand their kids such as ability to absorb and capacity. For instance, when applying formal homeschooling, parents can both teach and educate children, even warn them to avoid involving in the evils of drug, alcohol, crime. As a result, the society may be better. Being educated at school is not the only way to lead people into success.

One negative aspect of homeschooling is that children can have a poor psychology. As a result, they do not integrate with the social, and even get autism. Indeed, when studying at home, they only communicate with their family without having much contact with other people. Maybe, this will make them have the same characters as adults, which means they are precocious for their age. Moreover, they can distance themselves from everybody else, and even their friends. On the contrary, other children also do not want to make friends with them. Another disadvantage of homeschooling is that parents are not enough knowledge to teach their kids. In some situations, actually, parrents cannot always explain clearly for children to understand.

Consequently, children do not have enough basic foundation of knowledge as other children who study in public school. Perhaps, their studying will have a plenty of difficulties, especially when taking part in the univeristity entrance exam and studying in higher education for a long time. An additional disadvantage of homeschooling is that childrren’ studying can be affected or interupted. As a matter of fact, parents as well as children usually have to work hard, so they feel tired and only want to take a rest after labouring all day in the field. If parents try to teach, the effective teaching will not be high.

In conclusion, everything has two sides, both advantages and disadvantages. However, knowing how to adapt the drawbacks of homeschooling will help to enhence the teaching and learning quality and can balance between the study and the work in order to bring a better future to children.

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