Learning new things about famous people before our time is interesting to learn about. Some of the things that they did in their time we couldn’t do thanks to the way technology is set up. Sad to say that today’s society don’t even want to get an education. Authors from the early 1900’s late 1800’s taught their self how to read and write. Not saying that every last one taught their self how to read but the ones that did actually took the time out their day to better their self and learn them things on their own.
Just reading about these authors and learning about how they didn’t have the technology that we have today and still was able to get things done makes me want to stop relying on technology and build my own way to get things done. Like for example stop using cell phones and just start communication indirect. Out of all the novel writers’ one of my favorites is William Blake. Blake was born on November 28, 1927 to Catherine Blake and James A. Hosier. Blake had six siblings but two of them died in infancy.
At a young age Blake’s parents said that he was different from his peers and didn’t force him to attend conventional school. Did his parents make a good decision or did they mess up his life? To me I think it was a little bit of both because yes he is going to have the skill that a lot of people have and that is observing to learning without an instructor but he want be used to being around a group of people half of your day or waking up every day at the same day to sit in one room all day. Only his parents knew what was right for him and from the looks of things they made a good decision.
Blake grew up to be very successful. He wrote several famous poems doing his adulthood. Some of his poems include the Cradle Song, the Poison Three, Love Secret, and his most famous poem the Tyger. Blake didn’t just write poems, he did draftsmanship and so on. You could say that Blake was a jack of all trades.
All of Blake’s poems have a meaning. Like In…

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