> Why do people use Facebook and what do they do when they are there? The social networking website fulfill 2 needs 1) Need for belongingness 2) Need for presenting yourself to the world/surroundings Internet based services like Facebook gives some capabilities to the individual to present themselves to the world and share events/photos etc. to the outside world. Initially Facebook started with an idea for interacting students of a common school, but now it becomes so large, people feel they are missing something in their life by not being on the Facebook.

With total registrations of about 1 billion, Facebook is third world created. Some features which keep customer engaged- a. Curiosity b. Fun c. Learn d. Experiment e. Communicate f. Make Money g. Build A Business h. Express Yourself i. Make A Difference Continuous innovation by Facebook team helps in keeping people interested and engaged, otherwise doing same thing for a longer time people feel dejected, like what happened with Orkut, Hi5 and other social networking websites. Apart from sharing your personal life, there are lot of things provided like- a.

Playing Games b. Events/Quizzes c. Various applications d. Provide opportunities for companies to open up their pages and provides platform for quick grievance handling mechanism and maintaining customer relations. e. Advertising and Marketing their products f. Providing information > Evaluate the success of advertising on Facebook. > Evaluate the success of Facebook fan pages. According to Slate’s The Big Money, massive brands that combine their own content with user uploads have seen the best results on Facebook.

While brands have helped increase their reach and engagement, research from social media monitoring and analytics firms show that its big brands that get the most out of Facebook get the maximum out of their fan pages. Fan pages are so successful because they are integrated right into a user’s newsfeed. If a company updates their page then a “fan” will see it and know about it. There are some ways Companies can leverage and creates engaging Facebook Fan pages that attracts lot more traffic- 1. Networking with other platforms- Companies open their Facebook pages and create a fan base that can directly be integrated with their platform.

Thus giving direct access to the large target group. Connecting multiple social platforms and a hub from the brand website, can help funnel consumers throughout the network 2. Creating a resource- Some pages are used as connection hubs, but others offer information pertinent to their consumers. They use the information as added value to have consumers create a connection with the brand. Offering a resource page allows a brand to target a new demographic, outside of those that already know and love the business.

3. Creating contests that include participation- Contest and quizzes etc. itness a huge participation on their Facebook pages. Offering something to consumers to join can help build a large community. Some examples of things to offer: Coupons, free shipping, weekly deals. Another excellent way to encourage interaction and sharing among your social media fans is to reward them for committing to “Like” your brand! For example, exclusive access to special deals and discounts is certainly a great reward for a fan’s commitment. 4. Targeting the proper demographic- There are some brands which don’t have strong presence on Facebook, just because the target group they are focusing on, is not available on Facebook.

Some brands cannot expect huge followings on Facebook. Brands or product lines targeting the demographic most prominent on Facebook tend to see the quickest growth. 5. Ongoing Interaction is Key- Small, regular campaigns are also a great way to keep fans coming back. For example make Fridays the day fans can upload a photo to share on a specific topic of the week. No matter what your brand does, you should be able to find a way to engage your users in a consistent interaction with your brand, using fun and relevant social initiative. One small example of the impact of the activities on the fan page of big firms like Walmart-

However much talked about the success of the Facebook fan pages, Sysomos, a social marketing analytics firm analyzed 600,000 fan pages on Facebook and came up with the following distribution curve: Sysomos found that the vast bulk of fan pages have between 10 and 1,000 fans. Only 4% of fan pages have more than 10,000 fans, and less than 1/20th of a percent have more than a million fans. Meanwhile, celebrities only make up 7% of all fan pages. But they have the bulk of fans on the network. From TechCrunch: “Facebook fan pages tend to be updated only once every 16 days.

And that’s really the big difference between Facebook fans and Twitter followers. On Twitter, you follow someone because you want to hear what they have to say. On Facebook, you fan them just to show your support of affinity. Too often, it’s a throwaway gesture. But then, fame is fleeting. ” So, there is continuous need to keep the customers/visitors engaged on Facebook fan page, once any organization is able to achieve that engagement and able to extend it for a longer period of time is going to succeed and get maximum advantage from this. > Evaluate Facebook Platforms and Facebook for websites.

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