Ayala is the holding company for its business interests held under various operating subsidiaries and affiliates. Ayala maintains a leading presence in real estate development, financial services, telecommunications, water infrastructure development and management, electronics manufacturing services, automotive dealerships, technology-related investments, and overseas real estate investments. It has recently made invesements in the power generation assets and transport infrastructure. Ayala’s Board of Directors is the highest authority in matters of governance and management of the company.

Ayala’s management is primarily accountable to the Board for the company’s operations. It sets targets and formulates strategies for achieving these targets. AT A GLANCE| Founded| March 1834| Incorporated| September 1968| Listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange| November 1976| Shareholder Information(as of September 30, 2012) Number of shareholders Percentage holding 1 to 1,000 shares Foreign ownership(common, preferred A,B;voting) Mitsubishi Corporation| 7,253 88. 12% 29. 63% 10. 63%| | | MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Ayala’s management stands as the locus of decision-making for the day-to-day affairs of the corporation.

Management is accountable to the board for the operations of Ayala SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION Top 20 stockholders of Ayala, updated quarterly. Last updated 09/30/2012. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ayala’s board of directors is the supreme authority in matters of governance and managing the regular and ordinary business of the Corporation. The meetings of the board of directors are scheduled at the beginning of the year. The independent and non-executive directors of the Corporation meet at least once a year without the presence of any executive director and/or management.

The members of the Board of Directors are given the mandate to protect the best interests of shareholders and other stakeholders. At Ayala, we are guided by a long-term view to create and enhance value for our shareholders. As Ayala has been for 175 years, we are motivated by a commitment to being an economic and social development partner of the broader community we serve and of the Filipino nation. Jaime Zobel de Ayala Chairman Emeritus| | Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala Chairman and CEO| | Fernando Zobel de Ayala Vice Chairman| | Xavier P. Loinaz Independent Director| | Delfin L.

Lazaro Director| | Nobuya Ichiki Director| | Ramon R. del Rosario, Jr. Independent Director| | Antonio Jose U. Periquet Independent Director| | | | | | | | | | | | EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEJaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman Fernando Zobel de Ayala Nobuya Ichiki| LOOKING BACK, LEAPING FORWARD Ayala Corporation is the holding company of one of the oldest and largest business groups in the Philippines. It maintains a tradition of excellence, and integrity has run continuously through seven generations, adhering to the principles and ideals that had brought it to existence 178 years ago.

One pioneering family started a business in 1834. That business grew and engendered others. As it does today, Ayala harnessed some of the best talents in the Philippines. Today, Ayala is one of the biggest, most respected, and most widely diversified conglomerates in the Philippines, with leadership positions in real estate development, banking and financial services, telecommunications, electronics and information technology, water infrastructure development and management, and new investments in power, renewable energy, and infrastructure.

Ayala continues to contribute to Philippine economic and social growth through its diverse business interests, maintaining its tradition of excellence in every endeavor. Ayala is gearing up to move further forward, drawing on its heritage and experience to fulfill its brand promise of “Pioneering the Future. ” Ayala pioneered Philippine real estate development, banking, and insurance. In these and in other strategic industries that it has entered over the past decade-telecommunications, water distribution, and electronics manufacturing-it performs a leadership role through which it helps significantly in Philippine economic development.

Ayala emphasizes stability, financial strength and prudence, high product quality, and high professionalism. Its reputation extends beyond its current businesses and geographic scope, making it a partner of choice for international companies, and its name a premium brand that attracts many of the best and brightest talents. With numerous, far-reaching socioeconomic development undertakings, Ayala also serves as a partner promoting the growth of communities and small entrepreneurs. The seeds of Ayala’s achievements were planted in a solid ground of sound business principles that were cultivated and nourished as early as 1834.

RICH HERITAGE Ayala traces its roots to Casa Roxas, a business house established when Manila was little more than a small town and the Philippines was a remote archipelago of rural villages. Ayala traces its roots to Casa Roxas, a business house established when Manila was little more than a small town and the Philippines was a remote archipelago of rural villages. Casa Roxas began as an institution based in agriculture and trading, and later developed into an important manufacturing and services concern. Its role in these sectors had profound and extensive impacts that over time would benefit other Philippine entrepreneurial groups.

In 1834, the founders of Casa Roxas—Domingo Roxas and Antonio de Ayala—opened a distillery that started small but grew to give high value-added to Philippine sugar, and was later known as Destileria y Licoreria de Ayala y Compañia. In 1851, one of Roxas’ heirs bought the Hacienda Makati, a tract of farmland outside Manila. This was to be the site of Ayala’s landmark initiative in Philippine real estate development. There in the 1920s Ayala began a residential subdivision; in the 1930s it developed more subdivisions in other parts of Makati and in Manila.

Ayala’s involvement in banking likewise started in 1851, when a Spanish royal decree created in Manila the first bank in Southeast Asia and Antonio de Ayala became a director. Over half a century later, that bank was renamed Bank of the Philippine Islands, which later, in what became known as the age of technology, pioneered electronic and Internet banking in the Philippines. In 1910, Ayala and several partners established the first Filipino life insurance firm,Insular Life Assurance Company. In 1933, it also established Filipinas Life Assurance Company—now named Ayala Life Assurance, Inc.

Many of Ayala’s groundbreaking enterprises remain today as leaders in their respective fields—some outside the Ayala group, including the very first one, the distillery, which operates as Ginebra San Miguel Inc. , and the streetcar system that was later acquired by American-owned Manila Electric, Rail and Light Co. , which today is the Philippines’ biggest power distributor and is still known by its old acronym, MERALCO. BUSINESS INTERESTS Ayala and its subsidiaries and affiliates play leadership roles across diverse industries.

The group’s interests include real estate development, banking and financial services, telecommunications, water infrastructure development and management, electronics, information technology, automotive and international operations. The Ayala group of companies actively fulfills its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Every company in the group lends support to Ayala Foundation in its efforts to promote education and the arts, and to help alleviate poverty. Learn more about our different subsidiaries and affiliates: Ayala Land, Inc. The largest and only full line property developer in the Philippines Bank of the Philippine Islands – The most profitable bank among peers; the leader in remittances, trust and asset management Globe Telecom – The country’s second largest telecommunications company Manila Water Company – A pioneer in water infrastructure development Ayala Automotive Holdings Corporation Accounts for 50 percent of nationwide Honda sales and 30 percent of Isuzu sales Honda Cars Makati, Inc. Isuzu Automotive Dealership, Inc. Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc.

Ranked 24th of the Top 50 electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies in the world (Manufacturing Market Insider) LiveIt Investments, Ltd. Top 5 in the world in customer relationship management; Top 3 in knowledge process outsourcing; Top 3 in graphics design outsourcing Stream Global Services; Integreon; Affinity Express; HRMall AG Holdings, Ltd. International real estate investments and asset management AC Energy Holdings, Ltd. Power generation holding company with investments in the development of solar, wind and mini-hydro energy sources

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