Did you know that there is a perfectly legal killer in America today? In fact, it kills over 1 million people in the US per year. This is not a disease or a natural killer. This is murder. This murderer kills about 1.25 million people per year, every year. It is abortion and it is perfectly legal in the United States today. It has been the topic of discussions across the country for years. Everyone from simple workers to presidential candidates is asked their views on this subject. At every presidential election, candidates must give an opinion on this matter. It is a huge subject. The problem is why it is such a big topic and why is it still legal. What is abortion? It is the purposeful killing of an unborn child. Killing its life before it even has the chance to live it. Women across America say that they should have a choice and that they should be able to decide. What about the choice of that child? They should have the chance at a life and a future as well. Abortion is wrong and the practice should be stopped in this country as well as others. This essay will look at this practice and show why it needs to be stopped right now. Murder in the US is illegal. You cannot go out and kill someone just because you don’t want them around. A person might be bothersome or an inconvenience for you to deal with, but you cannot kill them. Why doesn’t this apply with abortion too? In polls of why women have abortions, 93% said that it was do to social reasons. That means that the child would be an inconvenience or would make it hard for them to work and be social. They are saying that they have to kill a child because it would make it hard for them to go out and be social. It is just like murder. They don’t want the child around, so they kill it. Why are people not punished and why isn’t it illegal. One of the major reasons people say that abortion should be legal is for the victims of rape and incest.

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