Evaluation and diagnosis by on you of the impact of the following 9 topics:3 1. 1 Topic 1 Introduction to employability3 1. 2 Topic 2 Theoretical basis of the module3 1. 3 Topic 3 Management / Teamwork simulations4 1. 4 Topic 4 Personal branding and networks5 1. 5 Topic 5 Placements6 1. 6 Topic 6 Recruitment cycle7 1. 7 Topic 7 How to sell yourself8 1. 8 Topic 8 Problems / Barriers in career development / Ethics8 1. 9 Topic 9 Context of 21st century careers9 2. Overall reflective statement of 1500 words identifying how you have enhanced your employability and how you will demonstrate this to employers. 11 3.

A SMART action plan – which should detail how you plan to continue to enhance your employability on an on-going basis. 15 4. References17 1. Evaluation and diagnosis by on you of the impact of the following 9 topics: 1. 1 Topic 1 Introduction to employability In the first lesson of Enhancing Employability lecture presented ‘what is employability’. Employability can be defined a set of attributes, skills and knowledge that all labour market participants should possess to ensure they have the capability of being effective in the workplace – to the benefit of themselves, their employer and the wider economy (CBI, 2009).

So, based on this explanation, we can know that employer hire an employee not emphasize on their qualification such as certificate or degree but look for employee who are high abilities, good characteristics and knowledgeable. In this topic, I learn that employability is not the same as gaining a graduate job, rather it implies something about the capacity of the graduate to function in a job and be able to move between jobs, thus remaining employable throughout their life. Employer no need an employee know a lot of theories that learn from text book or university and cannot perform on the ob position, even cannot work and communicate with their colleague. Employer truly need is an employee can transform what theories they learn become skill and abilities that can contribute and apply in work place to bring performance to organization. Besides that, in a competitive and fast-moving global economy, skill and knowledge is essential to be employ, but it is not enough. It maybe can let us enter an organization, but without good attitude and behaviour, we cannot stand long in our work position.

However, as a future employee, I know that we must start to enhance our employability from now and in daily life to ensure that we can be value as a good employee. 1. 2 Topic 2 Theoretical basis of the module In this topic, lecturer cover some of the theories related to enhancing employability. From all the theories I learn, there are two theory truly impact me, HRM and Leadership. HRM is the process of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization. From this simple explanation, we know that quality of employee is very important for an organization.

Even an organization can provide successful product, but without good staff also cannot build up a successful organization. According to (Marchington and Wilkinson, 2005), in the mid-1980s in the UK, and earlier in the US, the term HRM became fashionable and started gradually to replace others such as ‘personnel management’, ‘industrial relations’ and ‘labour relations’. Many year ago, why concept HRM has come out? The reason is because people differ from machines and they are inherently complex. So HRM are play an important role of manage employee, solve the problem among employee and ensure that they reach the minimum acceptable level.

Some view leadership as a series of specific traits. Others see it as comprised of certain skills and knowledge. And some, think of leadership as a process. Maybe there are no such wrong or right between all different view of leadership, but current thinking is leadership as a process, divided into Transactional Leadership and Transformational Leadership. Both leadership styles are needed for guiding an organization to success. Transactional leaders provide distinct advantages through their abilities to address small operational details quickly.

Transactional leaders handle all the details that come together to build a strong reputation in the marketplace, while keeping employees productive on the front line. Therefore, through learning all these theories, I start to think what I should do to ensure that I can become outstanding person among all my competitor. 1. 3 Topic 3 Management / Teamwork simulations Teamwork is a joint action by a group of people, in which each person subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group (Webster’s New World Dictionary).

But in fact, it is not easy to work together as a team, because every person have different opinion, understanding and perspectives. However, though the activity in this topic, I has experience the teamwork. Lecturer form all student in different group to do an event planning project for entertain coming of PSY. During the discussion, I observed all my group are actively speak out their opinion and do the best for this project. Besides that, group leader gather at the information from each members and make a decision.

At the time, I feel excited when work together with them, because they help each other’s as well as to achieve the target. Teamwork should let all members participate equally in decision-making, but each member understands that the leader might need to make the final decision if the team cannot come to a consensus agreement. In addition, lecturer gave us another activity it is using the STAR/E analysis to apply in the situation we faced before. By using STAR/E, I analyse the problem that I faced before and how I solve it by using some skill and method. In this activity, a great thing I learn is evaluation.

It is because in every evaluation can learn from mistake I done and avoid to happen again. Besides that, through evaluation also able to get some new ideas and knowledge. So, it is essential to have evaluation with all situation we faced. 1. 4 Topic 4 Personal branding and networks When mention about Apple, people will think of Steve Jobs, this is how people brand him. Personal branding is basically the way we market ourselves to the world. Our personal brand is what other people think of us. In some ways it’s outside our control, but we obviously have some influence over it.

Personal branding is unavoidable, because when others interact with us, they will automatically form mental determine us with certain labels, often within the first few seconds. We can’t avoid being labelled, and other people can’t avoid labelling us. The labels people attach to us become part of our personal brand. In this session, lecturer give us a task to complete our personal SWOT analysis. From this SWOT analysis, I realize that many thing I have to improve and overcome it, so that I can build up a better and better personal branding in my future time. Networking is the key to getting a new or better job.

According to Merriam-Webster, one of the definitions of network is “a usually informally interconnected group or association of persons. ” These associations can be personal relationships with friends, family, and others meet in an informal gathering. They can also be business relationships we develop with vendors, customers, supervisors, subordinates, and even competitors we encounter during the course of our career. As a university student, we must start expand our networking from now. There are many way to enhance the networking, such as active involvement in university societies, sports teams or part-time job.

Besides that, through the internet, we also can expand our networking by using Facebook, Twitter or Skype. These opportunities always by our sides, whether we want to action or not. 1. 5 Topic 5 Placements Placements are basically extended internships or work experience assignments. Industrial placements might form part of our course at university. Placements are great features for our CV. In fact, any experience of working within an organization in the industry we wish to work in is incredibly worthwhile and is a great indicator that we have career motivation and strong commercial awareness (What is Term Placement, 2009).

With many employers increasingly looking for experience as well as academic achievement in candidates for their positions, work placements have an increasing importance in gaining a good job. So, take a work placement can get many benefits for chosen our career. It can practical our experience in the industry we wish to work in, because we can never be really clued up on what a job entails until we have been working practically in that role. Besides that, during internship can experience the teamwork and development of interpersonal skills. Our ability to work in a team and with our colleagues around us is essential in every type of job.

In a work environment this involves a different set of skills and challenges that we will be used to at school, college or university. A work placement will allow us to gain experience of this first hand and develop our own teamwork and interpersonal skills which will make us a more rounded and attractive candidate for any employer. Through this lesson, I truly know that how important it is have experience and working practically rather than learn a lot of theories. So that I have been strongly stimulate to take a placement and internship to enhance my employability before I graduate and be a future employee. . 6 Topic 6 Recruitment cycle Recruitment cycle is a process of stimulating the candidate to apply for job in an organization. It is a long term process of getting the requirements, analysing, sourcing, screening and placing the right candidate. In the recruitment cycle, all of the process is important, cannot neglect anyone. It have to be well planning during the recruitment process and make sure all the session are smooth and effective. To obtain at minimum cost the number and quality of employees required to satisfy the people needs of the organisation (Armstrong, 1999).

It is because the higher cost and waste of time will be a burden for organization. In order to develop a successful recruitment cycle, we need a recruitment strategies to support. The most effective way to achieve this is to conduct a recruitment process audit. This audit should look at every aspect of the recruitment cycle within our business. It is designed to highlight both procedural excellence and areas of improvement within the process. The audit is to fully understand who in the business has responsibility for recruitment and how they are currently conducting their recruitment processes.

The most effective method of understanding the current ‘candidate experience’ is by fully investigating and discussing the individual experiences of all recent new recruits throughout the organisation regarding both the recruitment ;amp; induction processes. This will help identify any key areas for improvement or change. In addition, as a future employee, we must know how recruitment cycle process work. In order to meet an expectation of our future employer, we have to studies the need of organization, what type of employee they going to recruit. So, based on this, we can ready be the potential employee nd develop ourselves. 1. 7 Topic 7 How to sell yourself Every day we are sell ourselves, whether you want it or not, it happen in our daily life. Why do we say that? Because no matter what we are doing, we are influencing others people and others also judge us by what we behave. So it is important how we live our life, what kind of behaviour decided that what we are selling to others. In the topic, we have to think of our unique selling point (USP). Basically USP is the term use in business. A USP is something that sets our business, product, or service apart from the competition.

Perhaps it is some kind of special offer, or perhaps it is something about our product or service that makes us stand out from the crowd (Steve Bunyan, 2010). So for the personal USP, it also can defined as something outstanding skill or ability in our characteristics, and let us become special and highlight compare to others people. Besides that, one of the session in this topic, lecturer ask all of the students to present their USP in period of 90 seconds, 60 seconds and 30 seconds. At that time, I seriously thinking of my USP, what is my strength and what can I sell to others.

Through this session, I truly understand more about myself. I learn that how to sell myself effectively during job interview, because I knowing well my USP and able to introduce myself smoothly and clearly to my future employer. However, I cannot stop here, I should move further to expand and develop my USP, that one day I can be a successful ‘product’ and ‘sold’ as high price and high value. 1. 8 Topic 8 Problems / Barriers in career development / Ethics Career development is the lifelong process of managing progression in learning and work.

The quality of this process significantly determines the nature and quality of individuals’ lives: the kind of people they become, the sense of purpose they have, the income at their disposal (Professor Tony Watts OBE, 2010). But, there are many barriers in career development, such as lack of employability, surplus of graduation competitor and etc. Besides that, business ethics problem also a barriers in career development. There are a million ethical issues in today’s businesses and unfortunately there is no perfect decision measurement for all these issues.

The ethical issues in international businesses are much more complicated and much more delicate, along with being tenfold in numbers. This article deals with the current ethical issues in businesses and attempts to look for ways in which one can tackle them. Based on this situation, when a graduate going to select an organization, it have to consider about whether it is ethics or not, they are afraid to enter a immoral organization. In this session, lecturer gave us ten article to study. Then we have to analyse and come out with our opinion whether the article is ethics or not.

Through this activity, I learn that there are no specifically and clear answer to decide that it is ethics or not ethics. It is because different people or different culture have different of understanding and behaviour. But, as a human, we still have conscience, so we should know how to distinguish the right thing and wrong thing. 1. 9 Topic 9 Context of 21st century careers In the 21st century, global business industry are always move forward to develop their management system in order to meet the more effective and efficiently performance. In the Intense competition, there are pushing each other’s to improve and change in order to survive.

In this session, I have been go through some activity there are regarding to modern business system, for example Silo approach, Six Sigma, Quality Group and Nissan example. We have to watch a short clip regarding the Silo approach which was study by Mr David Butter. In the short clip have mention about breakdown the silo. Silos can arise in any firm, large or small, and are detrimental to organizational success. Silos should be breakdown, because it will destroy trust among the organization and also cut off communication between different departments.

Through this activity, I learn that the relationship between people is very important, without communication people cannot understand each other’s and work together. Besides that, in second activity, lecturer form us to three group and each group study different topic, there are Six Sigma, Quality Group and Nissan example. Our group is study Quality Group. Quality Group is a group of employees who perform similar duties and meet at periodic intervals, often with management, to discuss work-related issues and to offer suggestions and ideas for improvements, as in production methods or quality control.

During this activity, we are not enough time to prepare the present even we get many information, but our group members have never give up and offer the best to do it. At the time, I realized that although the result is important but during the process also can learn something valuable. 2. Overall reflective statement of 1500 words identifying how you have enhanced your employability and how you will demonstrate this to employers. Through all the module of Enhancing Employability, I very grateful that I learn a lot of thing and also see the clear picture as a future employee.

It was important to develop myself and do some adjustment in my life in order to enhance my employability. Besides that, I have understand more about myself, what was my strength and my weakness I have going to overcome. I acknowledge that a good employee not only own many of knowledge, but it was able to transform their knowledge become actual skill and ability. Because, what employer need was not a stiff and awkward employee like a machine, but was an employee who can work smart and flexible. At the pass, I am a passive person.

But through the group activity I participate in the class, little by little I have change and become a self-starter. I try to take initiative to be a leader and also express my opinion and help others before they ask for help. Besides that, I will try to be a volunteer when lecturer are given a chance to present for extra mark. The reason why I start to change was because I realize the value and important of be a self-starter. It can train my courage and confidence, even sometime have many mistake, but I know that I cannot afraid of it, otherwise I cannot growing and mature.

I can learn from those mistake and able to avoid it happen again in next time. In order to continue train this kind of attitude, I have make a decided that I want to done three good thing or help people in every day. But did not expect, I receive many of good feedback from my friend and classmate. In addition, be a self-starter also helpful and bring benefit in an organization. It let me can be a blessing among my colleague and also my employer. I am able to bring the influence to my working environment and encourage all my colleague or my team to be a self-starter, then it may increase the performance of organization.

When most of the employee have this kind of attitude in their work place, surely the organization will become better and better. So, this was first valuable ‘homework’ I learn in Enhancing Employability and I will keep in on through my life. Apart from this, the second thing I learn was way of thinking. Through the many different and ‘strange’ activities, my way of thinking have change slowly and obviously. Before this, I am the person who like to jump conclusion to judge something. But now I will choose to think carefully about the situation and understand the overall, then only I start to action.

It really help me when I going to solve some problem. I know how to think in critically, my thinking was clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence. Besides that, in the church, I been assign to take care some of the members and I call them as my ‘sheep’ and me as ‘shepherd’, I have to guide and lead them. Through this, I have been train and become more mature, because I have try to guide them to solve the problem they facing and also encourage them. So, the critical thinking was help me a lot, I have to understand their problem and think of the better and effective way to help them.

The most effective way to help my sheep is my life testimony, I have to example first then only able to stimulate them. Besides that, critical thinking also can apply in my workplace. In fact not only managers have the responsibility of taking decisions, but employee at all levels into an organization are called to face and resolve problems inherent their area of expertise. Many decisions are taken without thinking too much as people are often asked to deal with problems which require immediate solutions.

So, if I apply my critical thinking in organization, I can take decisions which are carefully in order to mitigate the risk of serious negative consequences. The application of critical thinking in the workplace also has a good impact on the relationship between people working within the same team or organization as well as between people working at different levels. So, have critical thinking was able to let a team actively working together in order to achieve a common goal. I will continue to apply it in my daily life in order to enlarge my boundary. Furthermore, I also learn and experience the teamwork.

Most of the activities in the class have to form in the group, so it is easy to experience how to work as a team. Through all the group activities, I acknowledge that all group should have teamwork, if not members just work independently and they often are not working towards the same goal. Without teamwork, members are focus mostly on themselves because they are not involved in the planning of their group objectives and goals. So, in all the group activities, I not miss any chance to involve among the team. Other than that, work with different people is not an easy thing, especially be the leader of a team.

So, I learn that I need to be patient to my members and also accepted all their pattern and behavior. But, from another angle, I also more understanding of each other’s. Now, I can practice a good teamwork through participate the student union. I am one of the committee in the student union, so I have work with all my members and improve my teamwork skill. Also, in the workplace, teamwork are more important and more frequently. Teamwork has become an important part of the working culture and many businesses now look at teamwork skills when evaluating a person for employment.

So, what I learn in the classroom are able to apply in my workplace in order to create a good teamwork culture in my organization and I believe that my teamwork skill also can be a support to all my colleague. Even it is not easy, but I will try my best to achieve. In addition, personal branding also one of the learned that very impact me. Through the lecture, I know that this is critically important for my future success. Competition for jobs, products and just about everything else in society is fierce since there are overwhelming numbers of people in all aspects of life. So, it is how important to build up my personal branding.

The personal branding may reflect what value I have and what status I present to others. Now, I have understand my current personal branding and it is not enough me to highlight from overwhelming numbers of people. Because of this reason, I have to continuance develop myself and be different, be remarkable. In order to improve my personal branding, I start to revamp my social network. I editing my “about me” sections on Facebook, changing up some layout or backgrounds, add more new people, participating in different group. Besides that, I involved myself in sports that I never touch before.

In the workplace, personal branding also important. Building a personal brand is a way to define what makes us unique, stay relevant and most importantly was be employable. By relying on my personal branding, I able build up the relationship with my colleague easily. And also can bring a good impression to my client, this allow me to negotiate with a better result. Besides that, be a leader in my workplace, a good personal branding can help me easily convince all my team members and move together with a same goal and vision. So, personal branding must be build up and improve in order to ensure have a etter career in my future. Moreover, I also realize that the important of communication skill by using English. Lecturer have instruct all of us using English during every lesson, at that time I found that I cannot speak an English with properly, there are many word I want to express but I cannot speak out. It is happen because I lack of using English communicate with others and never practice before. This was a big challenge for me, sometime I feel stress when attend this class. After that, I make a decided to improve my English level to face the challenge better than always stress.

I plan to speak English with my friend and classmate, I invite them to join me, and they are accept my request. Through this training, I ask my friend and classmate to correct me when I have mistaken. Besides that, I also start to read some of the English article and journal, when face the vocabulary I don’t know, I will ‘ask’ dictionary to explain to me. After a few weeks, I realize my English communication skill is improve obvious, during the presentation I can express myself smoothly. Again, I am very grateful to studies this subject – Enhancing Employability.

It is because I truly learn a lot of thing and improve many areas in my life through all the module. But I will never stop here, I have continue to develop and enhance myself, because there are many others challenge are waiting for me to overcome it. One day, I have to be a successful person. 3. A SMART action plan – which should detail how you plan to continue to enhance your employability on an on-going basis. One of the most important aspect of developing strong ways of successful is the planning (Jeff Willis March, 2006). Without planning, all the goals and dreams just empty talk.

So, for me also have to planning how I continue to enhance my employability in order to achieve my goals and vision. Through all the module of Enhancing Employability, there are many areas I have to continue to enhance and improve. First, it is my social networking. A good social networking can bring many benefit to our life. So, I will enlarge my social networking through develop my personal branding. Start from now, I decided to make some change in my life in order to improve my personal branding. In the beginning, I do some adjust form my appearance, such as hairstyle, than clothing styles.

Other than that, I start to read some romance novels and listen some classical music. Besides that, I participate in student union was able to know people and make more friend to enlarge my social networking. In the next year, I also plan to participate in election of student union. It is because become the president of student union can let more people to know me. In order to achieve this goal, I take initiative to make friend with all the Year 1 and Year 3 Teesside student. Also, I know well all the operation in student union. When I enlarge my social networking, surely, my employability will enhance.

In addition, the second thing I going to enhance is teamwork spirit. Through the activities in the class, I know that how important teamwork is. Without teamwork, a group just a group, members may have a lot to contribute but are held back because of a closed relationship with each member, they work independently and they often are not working towards the same goal. In order to improve and enhance my teamwork spirit, I always let myself involved in a group activities and sports, such as group game, football, and more. Maybe these activities seem like very simple, but it really impact me a lot in teamwork spirit.

Besides that, as a committee of student union, I also train myself through conduct every meeting. During the meeting, I have try to encourage to offer their skills and knowledge, and in turn each member is able contribute to the group success. Moreover, next semester I have involved in a project, it is to setup a Teesside student union open ceremony. So, I have to do the planning with my union members and work together with them. I believe that, if I continue to join the student union, surely, my teamwork spirit will be enhance and improve.

Not only that, I also able to influence all my union members and people around me to have the spirit of teamwork. Based on this planning, I believe that my employability will be improve obviously. Besides that, I also have to enhance my leadership skills. It is because leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals. So, as the future employee, a good leadership skills able me to success in my workplace. In order to enhance my leadership skills, I always be the self-starter to take initiative for express my opinion and suggestion.

I volunteer myself to involve in the open time presentation. Furthermore, I join the Life Group in my church can improve my leadership skills. In the Life Group, every week I been assign by the Life Group leader to in charge of different duty, such as chairman, song leader, game master and discussion group leader. I have to prepare well and understand all the flow during the Life Group sharing in order to lead a Life group success. Besides that, I need to control the atmosphere and also observe the response of all the participants. So, through the duty in Life Group, I have learn to be a multitasked and observer.

These are the way I continue to develop my leadership skills. In addition, I have a goal, is to be a Life Group leader in church. Because it can let me learn more thing through manage a group of people. In order to achieve the goal, I always put more effort to learn in every session and practice in my daily life. Through this way, can be ensure that I will enhance my employability with effectively. In the conclusion, people cannot stop growing, in different stage should face different level of challenge. In order to overcome all the challenge, I must continually to learn and develop myself.

However, if I planning well for enhance my employability, it will be more easily to overcome it and make multiplier in my life. 4. References Armstrong, M. (1999), Employee Reward, 2nd Edn, London: Institute of Personal and Development. CBI (March 2009) ‘What is employability? ’ http://www. kent. ac. uk/employability/guide/ (13 April 2013) Jeff Willis (March 2006) ‘Why is Planning Important? ’ http://jeffwillis. articlealley. com/why-is-planning-important-32151. html (29 April 2013 ) Marchington and Wilkinson (2005) ‘Development of HRM’ http://www. strath. ac. uk/hrm/about/whatishrm/ (19 April 2013)

Professor Tony Watts OBE (2010) ‘Why Career Development Matters’ http://career. ibu. edu. ba/assets/userfiles/career/why_career_development_matters. pdf (24 April 2013) Steve Bunyan (2010) ‘Unique Selling Point’ http://www. small-businessmarketing. co. uk/unique-selling-point/ (21 April 2013) Webster’s New World Dictionary ‘Teamwork in the Classroom’ http://www. ndt-ed. org/TeachingResources/ClassroomTips/Teamwork. htm (23 April 2013) What is Term Placement (2009) http://www. globalguideline. com/articles/analysis. php? k=What_is_Placement_or_Internship (21 April 2013)

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